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What is Included in a Picnic?

All of our picnic packages including the following:

  • A 2 hour picnic experience in a location of your choosing

  • Picnic table

  • Table decor that matches a theme of your choice

  • Pillows & blankets for seating

  • Sparkling waters

  • A beach umbrella

  • Set up/tear down

  • Any additional add-ons

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Yes you can! We provide sparkling waters in every picnic, and offer food options in our add-ons, but bringing your own food and drink is just fine. Do keep in mind that some locations on the Central Coast do not allow alcohol in public spaces.

What if the weather is unexpectedly bad the morning of my picnic?

If the weather is bad the morning of your picnic, you have the ability to reschedule your picnic to a later date.

Can I reschedule my picnic?

Yes, of course! We just need a 48-hour heads up that you are rescheduling your picnic, as we are trying our best to accommodate all bookings.


We will need to charge a $75 fee for day-of cancellations or reschedules.

Is there a deposit fee?

Yes, we do require a deposit fee of $50 upon booking your picnic. This will be taken out of the final total of your picnic. The remainder of your picnic total must be paid on the day of the picnic.

Oops, I broke a glass and spilled some paint on a pillow... does that cost me anything?

Accidents happen! If there happens to be a wine spill, a paint splatter or a broken glass for example, I will be requesting a $20-50 charge depending on the damages. Thank you for understanding!

Have a question you don’t see listed? Send me an email at

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